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The next time you’re in Virginia, be sure to stop by historic Salem. First explored by Europeans 64 years after Jamestown, Salem was settled in the 1700s, and developed as a town serving travelers along the Great Road westward in 1802, the history of a community within the context of state, national, and world events.


The earliest history of Salem exists from evidence of Native American tribes as far back as 8000 B.C. until the middle of the 18th century. Europeans explored the area in 1671, when the Siouan-speaking Totero people had a village nearby. Explorers Thomas Batts and Robert Fallam gave it its first recorded name Totero Town.


Known as “Virginia’s Championship City,” the City of Salem has become well known around the country as a premier destination for many tournaments and sporting events. Salem has hosted well over 70 NCAA Championships since 1993 and many other great athletes have competed on the fields of this beautiful city during parts of their careers.


Salem City tells a story of every American city touched by wars, economic upheavals, and civic challenges, as well as a few healing, helping hands along the way. The way Salem and its residents faced the world in which they have found themselves over the years makes their history distinctive, and worth a closer look.


See award-winning performers at the Salem Civic Center, catch a Salem Red Sox baseball game, explore the natural wonders at Longwood Park, sample fresh produce at the Salem Farmers Market, attend a festival, and even discover the unique history of the region at the Salem Museum, or enjoy a fun filled day at Thunder Valley.


Salem is  a city with great music, food, shopping and fantastic special events throughout the year, including the Salem Fair, Blue Ridge Music Festival and Olde Salem Days. All conveniently located near Virginia’s Blue Ridge. It’s a good time to plan a trip as here’s always a good time to be had by everyone here.