Do you have irritating doubts about your office cleaning service provider? Perhaps their work is imperfect, with some areas hasty or regularly missed.Your manager is difficult to get hold of and never seems to listen to feedback. Perhaps the cost keeps increasing with no consistent increase in quality.

If any of these sound acquainted, it could be the right time to switch to a different cleaning company. Here are some important signs that you might need a new deep clean cleaning service and how to choose the best and most ardent office cleaning company for your needs!

“Happiness is a freshly cleaned office.”

  • Office cleaning not up to scratch?

Is there dust loitering behind office equipment? Are the toilets not properly clean? Is the microwave oven sticky inside? Do the cleaners forget to rearrange important supplies, like toilet paper and towels? Do your cleaners look unconfident about whatthey are supposed to be doing?

All of these above are signs of improper training and supervision. At Got It Maid, we have state-of-the-art processes and equipment to ensure that you are satisfied with the cleaning and quality of deep clean cleaning service.Feedback is implemented, and our managers maintain standards to deal with any requests.

  1. Cleaners constantly letting you down?

Do your office cleaners turn up late? Is your company high turnover and a flow of new faces within the team? Do you get left in the motion when your regular cleaner is on holiday?

A company is as good as its forefront staff. At Got It Maid, we recruit experienced staff members to make sure they are well-trained, perfectly paid on time, and have the right type of materials and tools they need to carry out their cleaning work.By treating staff equally and with respect, we can get effective client satisfaction results.

  • Improper account management?

Who is the right person to call if you have got issues with your cleaning? Can you always get help from someone on the phone?

Our managers perfectly manage our cleaning team to provide you with quality services. To make sure that high cleaning standards are being maintained, our managers make regular inspections on site. And if you have any issues, you can call our team of professionals. We are always looking for feedback from our clients on how we are performing and if any improvements need to be made.

  • Not meeting professional standards?

Looking spotless is only part of the picture. You need to know that your office cleaners fulfill all the important regulations.

We are certified cleaners offer high-quality, safe, and environment-friendly deep clean cleaning service. We also carry out our due attentiveness on all cleaning staff, following up employment records and carrying out background checks where applicable.

  • Problem with rising or hidden costs?

Are you subject to regular increment in costs? Or are you struggling with an unclear pricing structure with unexpected hidden charges?

The price of client contracts depends on an individual basis.

Want to switch?

Quality cleaning and top-notch customer care is important to you if you really want to make your workplace spotless and sparkling. Selecting one of the best office cleaning companies and changing suppliers can bea tedious task. But, with the help of our friendly and well-versed professionals, you can make your switch as easy as possible, with no disturbance to your business.

Besides the deep clean cleaning service,if you are thinking of shifting your office from one place to another, you can also get the best move in cleaning services without burning a hole in your pocket.

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