You are moving out, and lots of things are just boggling your mind. You have to take care of the new property, expenses, your family, and so on. On top of that, you have to satisfy your landlord of the property you are leaving if you want to get the bond money back.

Moving is a stressful task. Distressing about cleaning and whether or not you will get back your security deposit should not be an added stressor. Irregular cleaning costs are one of the reasons renters don’t get their hefty amount of bond money back after moving out of a house.

Hiring the best residential move out cleaning services can make your move very easy and hassle-free, but what is included in a moving out checklist for a cleaning service? Explore out all the things that you need to consider in your move out checklist. Have a look:

Bedrooms and living rooms:

Something that you can expect from the best cleaning company is the cleaning of separable rooms. The professionals will clean all light switches and baseboards. They have efficient cleaning tools and techniques that help to remove sluggishness from the entire home.

Don’t forget to clean ceiling fans during the move out cleaning process.

Baseboards and doors:

In addition to the rooms, all the baseboards of the house will be cleaned. This includes lobbies. All doors will also be wiped down. Professional cleaners will remove dirty stains and dirt from doorways.

Trashes take out:

Once the move out cleaning is finished, all trash will be taken out from home and properly disposed of.

Interior windows:

One of your less favorite cleaning chores maybe windows. Don’t worry and hire one of the best residential move out cleaning services that include interior windows cleaning. All window sills, frames, and any shades or blinds will be cleaned as well.

Floor clean up:

During move out cleaning services, all floors throughout the home will be cleaned. Carpets will be vacuumed as well as wood and tile will be mopped.


All bathroom fixtures, including toilet bowl, tank, sink, bathtub, and shower, will be cleaned and disinfected. Bathroom cabinets, doors as well as handles should also be wiped down.

Kitchen area:

When it comes to moving out, you absolutely don’t want to neglect the cooking space.  All kitchen cabinets, counters, stove hoods, refrigerators, and other kitchen products will be cleaned and disinfected.

There aremyriad advantages of hiring professionals for moving out or moving in cleaning services. You will have the time freedom to concentrate on other factors of the move and also have a better chance of securing your full security deposit.

Apart from move out cleaning services, if you have purchased a new home and are dealing with the mess left by the previous renter, hire the best move in cleaning services. The last thing you should have to deal with when moving into a new home is spending your valuable time dealing with the previous renter’s mess.

If you want your home completely sparkling like it should be, just visit us today. We have a team of highly experienced and trustworthy professionals who strive to provide the best move in cleaning services so that you can focus on more important things.